A… My Name Is Still Alice
5 women

“…a series of Dan Berkowitz skits on a miraculous makeup called CoverUp that makes it possible for Madonna, Queen Elizabeth and the Pope to circulate in the world undetected. It’s the show’s lively running gag…Other highlights: The ensemble in Berkowitz’s biting sketch about the David Souter Home for Unwed Mothers, in which abortion, the ‘gag’ rule and Clarence Thomas come in for some ribbing.”Los Angeles Times

“The most politically trenchant moment (very trenchant for a subscription audience at the Old Globe Theatre) comes when the cast appears big-bellied at The David Souter Home for Unwed Mothers, where abortion is the A-word and pregnancy has no name. Credit Dan Berkowitz with the sketch… a great running gag, also scripted by Berkowitz, about a new, image-removing makeup. Madonna, Queen Elizabeth II and even the Pope apply it and end up looking just like ‘a LaJolla housewife.’” San Diego Union Tribune

“A sketch – where unwed mothers say ‘the “a” word’ or ‘birth control’ only on pain of having their hair cut by Sinead O’Connor – has plenty of bite… Roo Brown can be counted on to provide a good laugh each time she shows up looking like a Larchmont housewife, all pink and tidy, and holding a bottle of CoverUp, makeup with amazing properties. And her lecture to the students of the First Woman’s Medical School on how to deal with naked male patients lends a whole new dimension to gynecology. Dan Berkowitz has provided the outrageous lines here.”The New York Times

“There is some choice material on display, especially the sketches by Dan Berkowitz. His ‘The Group,’ set in the David Souter Home for Unwed Mothers, is political humor at the top of its form.”Back Stage

“…‘Gross Anatomy Lecture’ invents an analogy that has no analogue in reality (though this dirty joke by Dan Berkowitz is funny).” New York Magazine

Conceived by Joan Micklin Silver and Julianne Boyd

Material by Marion Adler, Dan Berkowitz, Douglas Bernstein, Francesca Blumenthal, Craig Carnelia, Randy Courts, John Gorka, Carol Hall, Georgia Bogardus Holof, Doug Katsaros, Christine Lavin, Lisa Loomer, Michael John LaChiusa, Denis Markell, Amanda McBroom, David Mettee, Lynn Nottage, Mary Bracken Phillips, Jimmy Roberts, Mark Saltzman, Stephen Schwartz, Kate Shein, June Siegel, Carolyn Sloan, Mark St. Germain, and Steve Tesich.

First produced at The Old Globe, San Diego, CA. Directed by Joan Micklin Silver and Julianne Boyd, Musical Direction by Ted Sperling. CAST: Roo Brown, Randy Graff, Alaina Reed Hall, Mary Gordon Murray, and Nancy Ticotin.

First New York production at Second Stage. Directed by Joan Micklin Silver and Julianne Boyd, Musical Direction by Ian Herman. CAST: Roo Brown, Laura Dean, Cleo King, K. T. Sullivan, and Nancy Ticotin.

A musical revue with a feminist slant, this 5-woman show has been produced throughout the United States and Canada.

Dan’s contributions are the sketches:

The Group: in the conservative near-future, when abortion is illegal, four very pregnant women find themselves arguing with the Matron in the David Souter Home for Unwed Mothers.

Gross Anatomy Lecture: at the First Women’s Medical School, a Professor lectures the students about the problems women physicians may encounter dealing with male patients.

Cover-Up #1, 2, and 3 (the show’s running gag): a woman lets the audience in on a top-secret new makeup which can make anyone – even a housewife from LaJolla or Larchmont – look like Madonna, Queen Elizabeth, or the Pope.

Performing rights for A… My Name Is Still Alice are controlled by Samuel French, Inc., 45 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10010. Performing rights for Dan Berkowitz’s individual sketches are controlled by the author: write to dan@danberkowitz.com.



L-R, Mary Gordon Murray, Alaina Reed Hall, and Randy Graff at The Old Globe, directed by Joan Micklin Silver and Julianne Boyd


Miami Beach Monsters
4 men, 2 women

“Six characters in search of an offer are cavorting on the stage of the little Triad Theater on West 72nd Street… plenty of cleverness and show business savvy are evident in this spirited intermissionless musical entertainment performed by an energetic cast.”The New York Times

Conceived by Helen Butleroff, Georgia Bogardus Holof, Robert Leahy, George Robert Minkoff, Ellen M. Schwartz, and Carol Spero

Book by Dan Berkowitz, Ms Holof and Ms Schwartz

Music by Michael Brown, Dick Gallagher, David Mettee, Steven Silverstein and David Strickland

First produced at The Triad Theatre, New York. Directed and Choreographed by Helen Butleroff. CAST: Steve Elmore, Diane J. Findlay, Laurie Gamache, Craig Mason, Richard Rowan, and Jimmy Spadola.

A musical vaudeville, Miami Beach Monsters is the story of Frankenstein and his Bride, Dracula, The Wolfman, the Killer Tomato (a red-hot mama), and Catskilla (a lounge lizard stand-up comic), all of whom are bored with retirement in Florida and decide to re-enter show biz. But when Hollywood calls, it’s not the same old town – and the monsters realize a quiet death, er, life in Miami Beach is more fulfilling than trying to make it again in Tinseltown.

Performing rights for Miami Beach Monsters are controlled by RE Productions, 420 East 79th Street, Suite 17B, New York, NY 10021.


Laurie Gamache as The Bride of Frankenstein at The Triad, directed by Helen Butleroff


Tables for Two
3 men, 2 women

“The tart routines of Mike Nichols and Elaine May are captured hilariously in ‘Sondheim’s Syndrome,’ a brilliant, lightning sketch by Dan Berkowitz that features a psychiatrist and his patient, who can speak only in song lyrics… this piece is absolutely sidesplitting.”Southampton Press

“… one of the program’s best sketches, ‘Sondheim’s Syndrome,’ in which a patient and then her doctor communicate in lines from show songs… was written by Dan Berkowitz, who also penned another winner, ‘The Well-Dressed Man.’”Dan’s Papers

Conceived by Patricia Watt

Sketches by Dan Berkowitz, Andrew Federici, Jeffrey Gurien, Michael Racanelli, and Kate Shein

Music and Lyrics by Cy Coleman, Kevin Jeffers, Paul Katz, Ed Kleban, and Douglas Watt

First produced at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, and the Art Barge, Amagansett, both in New York. Directed by John Camera. CAST: Cleve Douglass, Mark Nadler, KT Sullivan, Robert Trumbull, and Julie Wilson.

A musical revue based on Douglas Watt’s column of the same name in The New Yorker magazine, featuring sketches evoking the spirit of the columns.

Dan’s contributions are the sketches:

The Sondheim Syndrome: A doctor’s new patient is afflicted with a condition which causes her to speak only in song lyrics.

The Well-Dressed Man: A man in a Brooks Brothers suit confides that what he’s wearing under the suit might cause a few gasps.

Performing rights for Tables for Two are controlled by Patricia Watt, 27 West 86th Street, Suite 14D, New York, NY 10024. Performing rights for Dan Berkowitz’s individual sketches are controlled by the Author; write dan@danberkowitz.com.

KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler


There’s No Place Like Hollywood!
4 men, 5 women

“Snappy, campy parody. A fun musical parody… the sight gags and one-liners, all performed with campy enthusiasm by a talented ensemble, make this a fitting tribute to tourism and Tinseltown… the Carmen Miranda number ‘Bananas’ is well worth the price of admission… an irreverent admiration of the faults, folly and glamour aspects – both real and false – of Hollywood.” Los Angeles Times

“It’s easy to write a review about this play. For starters, words like laugh riot come to mind… hilarious… jocular… sensational or spectacular… The rousing standing ovation was ample evidence that this play is probably going to be around a long time. And if the packed house is any indication, tickets will become a premium item.”Entertainment Today

First produced at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. Nominated for the TheatreLA Ovation Award for Best Musical. Directed by Rick Sparks, Musical Direction by Robert Brandzel. CAST: Clay Adkins, Stephanie Andersen, David Barnathan, Melissa Brandzel, Amy Collett, Scott Davidson, Patti Diamond, Heidi Godt, and Jeff Griggs.

Book by Dan Berkowitz and Shirley Hillard

Music and Lyrics by Wayne Moore

Movie-mad Dorothy from Kansas visits Hollywood, is knocked unconscious during an earthquake, and, in a dream, meets many of the greatest stars of Hollywood – or is it a dream…?

Performing rights for There’s No Place Like Hollywood are currently unavailable; if you’d like to be notified when they become available, write dan@danberkowitz.com.

Jeff Griggs (L) and David Barnathan support Clay Adkins as Carmen Miranda at the Stella Adler Theatre, directed by Rick Sparks.

Skirting the Issues
3 men, 3 women

First produced at B. Smith's Upstairs in New York. Directed by Sue Lawless, Musical Direction by Sande Campbell. CAST: Dan Berkowitz, Roo Brown, Keith David, Joe Kolinski, Stephanie Pope, and Patti Wyss.

A feminist-slanted revue originally created as a benefit for The Women's Project and Productions in New York City.

Dan's contributions are the sketches:

The Well-Dressed Man: a man in a Brooks Brothers suit reveals that what he has on under the suit might surprise you.
The Bushes in Retirement: what Barbara Bush really thought about going back to Texas to live after presiding as First Lady at The White House.

Infallible Logic: a Catholic Cardinal prepares to meet with a group of women protesting the ban on women priests.

Performing rights for Dan Berkowitz’s individual sketches are controlled by the Author; write dan@danberkowitz.com.

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(L-R) Keith David, Dan Berkowitz, and Stephanie Pope at B. Smith's Upstairs, New York, directed by Sue Lawless.