I am available to consult with you in several areas. Whether you’re a playwright, a screenwriter, a producer, or a director, I can help with your project.


Solid advice and guidance from an entertainment professional who’s been in “The Biz” for many years – someone who’s worked as a writer, producer, director, and performer, and therefore has a broad understanding of how things work.


Are you looking for a professional evaluation of your finished script? Do you need help completing it? Or are you perhaps at an earlier stage, wondering how to get started?

Wherever you are in the writing process, I can help, by asking pertinent questions such as:

- Is the story clear and compelling? Does it makes sense? Are the transitions logical – and doable? Will someone reading the script for the first time – or an audience member watching the play or the movie for the first time – be able to follow the twists and turns of the plot and understand what’s going on?

- Are your characters distinct individuals? Are they critical to the story? Do they behave in a way which is logical to their natures, and which furthers the story? Do we believe them as people?

- Is the dialogue natural and unforced? Do you give us the information we need to understand the story and the characters? Have you made the exposition organic and dynamic, not just a presentation of facts? Are your stage directions clear and succinct?

For completed scripts, a phone consultation of up to one hour (for a full-length); a brief written followup of what’s working and what isn’t, including suggestions for improvement when appropriate; and my hand-written notes in your script, giving impressions on the first reading.

For ongoing consultation, either for scripts-in-progress or other projects, we work out a schedule of meetings, either in person or by phone, which will best suit your needs.

To evaluate a completed script, the rate is $350 for a full-length play or feature-length screenplay, in standard format; there is an additional fee of $3 per page for scripts over 120 pages.

For shorter plays or screenplays in standard American format, the rates are $75 up to 10 pages; $100 up to 20 pages; $150 up to 40 pages; and $200 up to 60 pages.

Evaluations of outlines, treatments, proposals, query letters, and the like are billed on an hourly basis at $85 per hour. Please contact me for an estimate.

Ongoing consultation rates are determined on a project-by-project basis.

I’ve been a working professional for decades, whose written work for the stage has been produced off-Broadway, in major regional theatres, and in colleges and community theatres all across the United States and in Canada. In addition, I’ve produced and/or directed more than 150 productions on both coasts, and know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve also written a number of optioned screenplays, and was the Senior Story Analyst for RHI Entertainment, evaluating scripts and recommending which ones the company should produce and which they should pass on.

Before you send anything, please contact me to make sure I’m available. If I’m not, and you need immediate assistance, I can give you a referral.

If you wish to mail your material, contact me and I will tell you the address. You’ll need to enclose a check payable to Interarts Creative Incorporated (or simply ICI).

If you wish to submit your material electronically, you may email it as a Microsoft Word doc, a Final Draft document, or a PDF; you can either pay via credit card or send a check. Scripts submitted from outside the United States may require an additional fee to cover return postage.

The normal turnaround is approximately two weeks from the date I receive your script and payment. Expedited service is available for an additional charge if you’re in a rush. Email me for details.


As an experienced producer and director of theatre, live events, television, and video, I can help you with any stage of your proposed production. And for playwrights contemplating self-production, it’s critical to have someone who knows what he’s doing guiding you through the process.

I can craft a production plan, outlining all the steps you’ll need to take to bring your project to fruition: analyzing production needs… determining staffing essentials… formulating a budget… creating a timeline… and so on.

Or I can simply “drop in” and help with a particular area, such as putting together a realistic budget.

Consulting projects are evaluated on an individual basis, with a cost estimate given once your needs are determined.